I am MY I am .... How to Become the You that CREATED YOU!

Jan 12, 2018

“I am my I am” is an affirmation I use to center my thoughts and my attention into my spirit. Many talk about the spirit, but it becomes confusing after a while because everyone has a different definition for the spirit, the soul, and the higher self and terms like divine mind and over soul are rarely used with clarity.  I wanted to make sure when I was meditating and doing spiritual work that my awareness was securely fastened to my consciousness and my snowglobe, rather than scattered throughout my reality. Think of it this way:  Your brain has a certain amount of attention you can focus on one task, maybe two tasks, but if you start to focus on three or four things at once the quality of each dwindles. It is the same with your soul’s consciousness that also happens to be in the center of your brain, and so it is the same with spiritual work and meditation. If your soul’s awareness is everywhere then the quality of your energy work or meditation will not be as good.  So I asked the guides a simple and easy way to get centered so that I would not have to sit for fifteen minutes gathering my awareness every time I wanted to tune into my energy or check something, and they came up with “I am my I am, now.”


By saying “I am my I am, now” you are staying in the present time and you are stating what piece of You that you are.  Just as easily as you can be your emotions acting completely irrational then be told that you’re acting crazy and to think with some common sense, you can move your awareness into the left brain where your common sense lives you can also switch your awareness to the piece of you that is eternal.

Once you are tuned into your I am you now have the ability to command as the creator and use visualization as a way to heal, manifest, and change your life based on the law of quantum physics[KM1] . I will not get into talk about physics here (there is plenty you can read on the subject), but what I will share is that the act of observing something is what makes it happen in a quantum reality, and we live in a quantum reality if we are operating in a 5D world. So since the earth is a 5D world now, whether you like it or not, your thoughts good and bad are beginning to create faster than you can imagine. This was not so much the case prior to March of 2017. A huge shift took place recently, according to the guides, where the veil between the physical and the soul plane dissolved giving us greater access to our higher selves. But if we don't know we are accessing the soul planes and we are thinking negative thoughts, we now have the ability to affect others in addition to ourselves, so watch your thoughts!


By aligning with the I am my I am each day and then connecting in with your Zero line you will feel the shift.  The Zero line is basically a cable that connects from the zero point of source down through your heart space where your I am my I am is and into the zero point in Mother Earth.  The zero line is not a being it is best described as information and electricity. You can pull forth resources from this line that you have flowing through you and you can also heal your self and others with the electricity you get from this line of electric wisdom you have running through you. 


I have The Zero Light line Attunement coming up soon.  I asked the guides why they wanted to create an Attunement to this and they said that there are a lot of lines that run through us and in order to assure you are connecting in with the line they are talking about there they made an Attunement.  After being attuned to this myself I felt the shift and the amount of nasty energy I had to deal with pretty much cut down to almost nothing.


Using the Zero light line is a great way for those who do not believe in prayer yet can use to protect themselves because it raises your vibration, grounds you, and protects you by default because of the high frequency energy that you become when you bring all of your awareness into it.



The next piece of your energy I want to tell you about is your Tube of Light.  I have gone from calling it the Reiki Tube of Light, the the Beam me up Scotty tube, to the Divine Light tube, and now finally the guides named it the Ascension tube.  Imagine this.  You have the zero light line running from source down through you into source then you have a tube of light around that light line that is created as a sort of highway that your personal soul can travel up and down while you are incarnated as a Human Soul living from the soul plane.

At the very top of the tube of light your souls Essenes sits like a huge flash light and hard drive FULL of all of your information, all of your lives, all of your experiences, shining down through the tube bringing you the information and knowledge you need to live this life.  Somewhere along this zero light line with in the tube you have a sphere of light that looks like a bubble shaped glass elevator that moves up and down the tube and zero light line the way an elevator moves through an elevator shaft using a cable inside of a building. Inside of this elevator is your spirit, your spark that is God, and your newly introduced "I am my I am." 

The sphere is pretty stationary in one spot along that line for each individual and that is a huge indication for me if I am not in my own space.  If I suddenly feel as if my sphere is lower or higher than usual I check to make sure I am in my own space and not someone else's for instance a clients I had just done a healing on or a friend or family member I was with.  Let me explain, your Divine spirit is always inside of the bubble, it can not leave, it is your GPS, your guiding light, the Christians call this the Holy Spirit.  Your soul’s consciousness lives inside the center of your brain and is constantly sending information through the light line into the sphere where ever it may be along the line.  The spirit or I am (my I am) experiences life and as it experiences life with in you the experiences are sent up the zero light line into the consciousness in the center of your brain and that is what you as a Human see as reality.   The sphere is basically a combination of the perfect spirit, or divine spark, that you are that is here to illuminate it’s light so as to guide the human soul through life. The soul that you are with in your brain and the I am creator self above all that is witnessing everything.  The guides call this sphere the God Thought Spot in the body, I call this the Higher Self.  They are going to have me teach you about that as well later on because if you can realize where you are seeing life from, level 1 or level 7, you will be able to understand why you may be feeling a ton of fear over something that is not really fearful.  


The key to living life in a way that we enjoy and love is being aware of why we are feeling the way we do and when we feel out of control of our own energy then the ego sets in with fear and that is no fun at all. Something that should be super fun turns into a night mare filled with anxiety and we miss out on a super fun joyful experience.


Now, awareness is the trickiest thing to explain because your Awareness is YOU!   All of these things I have explained up until this point are parts of your Human Soul Experience Vehicle.  These are all the moving pieces to your car in addition to the actual physical body they are operating as part of.  Your awareness is source, it is God, and it is the piece of the all that is that is experiencing all of it’s creations! So your awareness does not have an opinion it just watches.  I see the awareness as a go pro video camera or a drone with a camera on it. When you think of something the drone goes there and your souls consciousness in the center of your Brian begins to react as if you are where ever you are thinking about. 


Up until about 3 years ago it took having the ability I have to release my awareness from my physical body and enter into anything or anyone and channel the energy of the space I was in but now with the shift of the planet the awareness of at least 50% of the people on this planet has been freed from the confines of the human body and energetic system.  This is awesome if people know about it and not awesome at all if they don’t know.  Put it this way, if you think of your Ex constantly your awareness will follow your attention and where your awareness goes your souls consciousness which is inside your human brain processes your ex’s space as your own.  You start to get sick a lot or even take on his characteristics of you can’t get him off your mind no matter what you wonder why you can not stop thinking about him.  So this simple and very effective exercise I am going to teach you will keep you from feeling like you are not you because your awareness is in someone else. 


One of my clients called me last week she was super sick, she couldn’t stop throwing up and was feeling suicidal.  I tuned into her energy and asked first where her awareness was and I could see it was not in her body or energetic system it was in her brothers.  I asked what was going on with her brother and she said that his abusive behavior to her had always been swept under the rug in her family but this time he attacked and verbally assaulted her sister and in doing that the whole family had disowned him.  Her mind was happy he had gotten what he deserved but because she was thinking about him and everything they had been though in her life with him her awareness was IN his Snow Globe, experiencing his reality and he was in a medical drug detox facility.  Her souls consciousness in her human brain was reading his reality as her own and her body was reacting.  The second I pulled her awareness back into her system she felt better.  With in 5 minutes she said she felt like she had never been sick.  This is only one story out of 1000’s probably, this is real and by doing this exercise you may find that the disease or the addiction you are suffering may not even be yours.  Amazing right?


Close your eyes and imagine a tube of light coming from source down into your head through your body and into the earth.  Say I am my I am now and allow your attention to be drawn to what ever part of your body it is drawn to.  Place your hand on that area and say Come back.  When you say come back you will just imagine all the thoughts and pieces of you that are scattered through out pulling back into this area of your body.  You are collecting all of your attention which is your awareness into one space in your body. When you feel as if you are completely back I want you to imagine that you are moving from where you are into the heart area by placing your other hand of your heart and saying Zero.  A silver ball of light will appear in the heart center and you will begin to merge with that.  Once you feel like you have merged with the silver ball say zero source and imagine a silver light shooting up into the zero point of source then zero ground and imagine the light shooting down into the zero point of the earth.  You have now grounded your awareness into the body, aligned with all layers of your mind body and soul, and you are connected to the all that is through your I am my I am and experiencing life from the Zero light line rather than from in your Chakra system which is where all of the drama is stored and our illusions are kept.  The Chakras are our movie theaters and it’s best to stay out of them so that we can see clearly with out the illusion of what we have created through out this life time based on past experiences past people and past things.


The snow globe is an exercise we can do to clear out all layers of us using visualization and our I am my I am.  If you do not align with your I am first the snow globe will only clear your emotions if you align with higher aspects of your self you will be able to use the snow globe as a heavy duty healing tool.  I use the snow globe for everything and have done so for 6 years.  Then about a year ago it stopped working and when I asked why they said that prior to the planet shifting we only had access to the 3 rooms so when we did the snow globe we were entering into the 4th room and clearing the 3 below and now what that we have access to 5 rooms we need to align with the 6th room, the I am my I am or our Souls Awareness  in order to clean the 5 lower rooms.  The technique stayed exactly the same as it had been only prior to doing it I needed to get into the heart and say I am my I am make sure that I was grounded and connected to source using the zero light line then say I am now a snow globe and when doing that the snow globe become a representation of all 5 rooms rather than just the first 3.  I can honestly say that with all of the training I have and all of the modalities I am certified in the snow globe works the best! 


This next Attunement is to the Snow Globe so that you can use it to heal your self and others, you can also use the snow globe for manifesting, finding lost item, losing weight and so much more! is a site I have with countless 2 minute snow globe express exercises check them out some time!


Last but not least we have the Source Code Zero healing that can be used in conjunction with the snow globe or you can just use it with the zero light line however I have not found a better way than the snow globe to make sure that when I am running the Zero point energy though me that all of my awareness is with in my field, that I am aligned with all aspects of self and also that I am healing all of the layers of myself rather than just healing one of two layers of my aura.



Say I am my I am and place hand on heart say zero

Sink into the silver ball in the heart space

Zero ground

Zero source

I am now a snow globe and imagine that you are a snow globe with a silver line going through the statue and a tube of light around the statue.  Imagine the globe around your field and feel what your water and snow flakes feel Ike around you. 

Say Source code zero and from above in the zero source a HUGE zero with white light illuminating it will appear and same with in Zero ground a huge Zero will appear. 

Sit and allow the Zeros to move in toward you where you will continue to sit in your heart space.  When the Zeros merge a 1 or a bright white line will appear in your heart and will start to grow until it connects to the Zero Ground space and the Zero Source space. 

In doing this the snowflakes in you snow globe should instantly start to clear, any earth bounds in your space will have no choice but to leave, and your connection to source and earth through your heart will be solidified and made new.  


This exercise can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 hours depending on how much time you want to take.  When I need a quick clearing I stop what I am doing I do this with in about 20 seconds and then go about what I am doing all the mean while I can feel all of my guides and angels and divine team clearing me.  The fun thing about quantum healing is that as long as you witness the action of calling on the energy the guides and angels your higher self will carry out the task.  SO you may do the source code zero and feel energy shifting for hours after wards.  Just trust and know that you are only connected to the light so anything you are experiencing is for your highest and best good!